Macao enjoys freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of publishing. Despite being relatively small, it has a sophisticated and well-developed media industry.

The Government strives to enhance the transparency of its administration and facilitate communication and dialogue with the media. This enables government messages to be delivered to the public promptly and accurately, and provides a wide range of information via the media. Furthermore, the Government expects the media to act as a watchdog, continually prompting every government department to improve its work and provide better-quality services to the community.

Macao’s laws protect the rights of journalists to gather and receive news and information, and to report it, ensuring their journalistic independence.

Electronic Media

Macao has one free-to-air TV station, two radio stations and one cable TV station, as well as three locally based satellite TV stations.

--Teledifusao de Macau (Macau Broadcasting Company, TDM)
--Two radio stations are: Radio Macau – a subsidiary of TDM – and the privately owned Radio Vila-Verde (Green Village).
--Macau Cable TV
--MSTV Satellite TV Company Limited
--MASTV Company Limited
--Macau Lotus Satellite TV Media Limited

Print Media

Macao has 14 Chinese daily newspapers, which currently print a total of 100,000 copies each day. They are Ou Mun Iat Pou (Macao Daily News), Jornal Va Kio (Overseas Chinese Journal), Tai Chung Pou (The Public), Si Man Pou (The Citizen), Jornal Seng Pou (Star Journal), Cheng Pou (Righteousness), Today Macau Jornal, Jornal San Wa Ou (New Chinese Macau Journal), Hou Kong Daily, Macao Evening, Macau Times, Exmoo News, Macau Today, and Click2Macau.

The main Chinese weeklies published in Macao are: Jornal Informacao (Information Journal); Pulso de Macau (Macau Pulse); Semanario Recreativo de Macau (Macau Entertainment Weekly); Semanario Desportivo de Macau (Macau Sports Weekly); Observatorio de Macau (Macau Observer); Macao Commercial Post; Macau Convention and Exhibition Economy Journal; Macao Focus Newspaper; Macao News; Te Pou Macau; Hou Kong Evening Post; Macau Headline; Macau City News; Great Bay Area Youth Newspaper; Hou Kong City Daily; and Lotus Times.

Macao currently has three Portuguese dailies: PontoFinal (Full Stop); Jornal Tribuna de Macau (Macau Tribune Journal) and Hoje Macau (Today Macau). The two weeklies are O Clarim (The Bugle) and Plataforma Macau (Macau Platform). The latter is published bilingually in Chinese and Portuguese.

The English daily newspapers in Macao are Macau Post Daily and Macao Daily Times.

Media Stationed in Macao

Both Xinhua News Agency and Lusa-Portuguese News Agency have branches or representative offices in Macao.

People’s Daily and China News Service (CNS) have branches in Macao. Other news organisations with accredited correspondents in the territory include: China Central Television (CCTV); China National Radio (CNR); China Radio International (CRI); China Radio and TV Macao Bureau (中國廣播電視); Shanghai Wenhui Daily (上海文匯報); Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ); EyePress News; Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK); Television Broadcasts Limited, Hong Kong (TVB); Phoenix Satellite Television; and Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group.

Press Associations

The press associations in Macao include the Macao Media Workers Associations; the Macao Journalists Club; the Macao Journalists Association; the Macao Media Club; the Macau Sports Press Association; the Macau Portuguese and English Press Association; and the Macao Youth Media Association.

Registration of Periodicals

According to Article 15 of the Press Law, the Government Information Bureau (GCS) is responsible for registering newspapers, publishers and periodicals. Under the Media Registration Regulations, if a daily publication is registered but has not been published for 180 days, or if other registered periodicals have not been published for a period of one year or have been suspended for a period of one year, their registration will be cancelled. Registration of publications is free of charge.

In 2019, 24 new publications were registered with the GCS including publications appearing daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, once every two months, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. Meanwhile, seven publications cancelled registration.

Update : 2020-9